I have two wonderful children: Johnny, born January 18, 1992, and Peter, born October 4, 1994. When Johnny was learning to talk he always referred to the computer as the "puker" and the name stuck. Peter is now at the same stage and thanks to the two of them quite a few things around here are stuck. Take a look at these pictures of their incredible inherited good looks. J

Johnny, and Peter.

 January 27, 1999:

This evening as Johnny was practicing his piano lesson, Mary was desperately trying to untangle the duvet cover that had wrapped itself up like a Klein bottle as it was being dried. In the background Peter crawled up the stairs and hopped by the doorway with both of his legs jammed into one of Mary's big rubber boots. Living here's like watching cartoons! There are more stories like this on Johnny and Peter's pages. Just click on the above pictures of them and enjoy yourself.