David Dubois is the guy that keeps me thinking about computers. He is one of the few people I know that seems to like ideas for their own sake and is always ready to hear my latest one. He tells me his ideas, too, and occasionally I understand them. But we always have fun and teach each other stuff. He is by far the most capable programmer I know. Visit his homepage by clicking on his name and enjoy the terrific artwork he's done! I know he has taken a lot of care to make everything on his page look just right!

Heather Savage is a talented young artist that I met at church. Click on her name to see a couple of her paintings.

I met Gilbert Verghese at Acadia University and soon became awed by his studiousness. He eventually won the university's top award and has continued to excel in his chosen field of computer vision and robotics. If you have any interest in either of these fields you need to visit his web page. He now has his own company which sells his invention, the TrackerCam.

Gilbert is one of four brothers, George, Glenn, and Gerald being the others. The whole family have been very good friends to me over the years and you'd have to be an alien from another planet not to like them. All of these guys are also terrific athletes and have a case of trophies to prove it.

You know, if you make friends with them, they'll introduce you to all kinds of other people.Shalini is a cousin to the Verghese brothers and is very fun to tease.

I also met Owen Kaser at Acadia. He freaked me out one day when he won the same medal Gilbert did (the year after Gilbert graduated). I had no idea I was hanging around with such a high class of people! Of course because we have the same name we instantly hit it off, but I've always been impressed by Owen's imagination and sense of humour.